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Located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania American Analytical & Environmental, Inc. is accredited by the Pennsylvania Laboratory Accreditation Program (PLAP) as Lab ID No. 39-01105 for non-potable water and solid/chemical material analysis. Pennsylvania State Regulations (25 Pa. Code, Chapter 252) require environmental laboratories performing testing on drinking water samples, non-potable water samples, or samples of solid and chemical materials to be accredited, if the purpose of that testing is to comply with any environmental statutes listed in the regulation. Examples include The Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act, the Clean Streams Law, the Solid Waste Management Act, the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act, and the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act. PLAP requires compliance with EPA approved methods, as well as standards of business ethics and quality control/assurance that reach beyond EPA requirements (Policies).


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Analyte Method
Asbestos EPA 600 R93/116
Ammonia (as N) EPA 350.3
Biochemical Oxygen Demand EPA 405.1
Chemical Oxygen Demand SM 18 5220C
Corrosivity SW846 9045C
Cyanide Total EPA 335.2
Hardness Total SM 18 2340 B
Extraction TCLP SW8461311
Extraction SPLP SW846 1312
Extraction ASTM ASTM D3987-85
Ignitability SW846 Chapter 7.3
Kjeldahl Nitrogen Total EPA 351.1 EPA 351.3
Free Liquids SW846 9045
Nitrate SM 419-D
Oil & Grease Total/Recoverable EPA 1664-A
Phenols EPA 420.1
Phosphorus Total EPA 365.2
pH SW846 9040B
PCBs SW846 8082
Reactivity Cyanide W846 Chapter 7.3
Reactivity Sulfide SW846 Chapter 7.3
Sulfate (as SO4) EPA 375.3
Solids Total EPA 160.3
Solids Total Dissolved EPA 160.1
Solids Total Suspended EPA 160.2
Solids Total Volatile EPA 160.4
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons EPA 1664
Total Organic Halogens (TOX) SW846 9020
Volatile Organic Compounds SW846 8260B
SemiVolatile Organic Compounds SW846 8270C
Herbicides/Pesticides SW846 8151/8081A
Metals Method
Aluminum Total EPA 202.1 SW846 7020
Arsenic Total EPA 206.2 SW846 7060A
Barium Total EPA 208.1 SW846 7080A
Beryllium Total EPA 210.1 SW846 7090A
Cadmium Total EPA 213.1 SW846 7130
Calcium Total EPA 215.1 SW846 7140
Chromium Total EPA 218.1 SW846 7190
Chromium VI SM 18 3500-CrD
Copper Total EPA 220.1 SW846 7210
Iron Total EPA 236.1 SW846 7380
Lead Total EPA 239.1 239.2 SW846 7420 7421
Magnesium Total EPA 242.1 SW846 7480
Manganese Total EPA 243.1
SW846 7460 7461 Mercury Total
EPA 245.1 SW846 7471A Nickel Total
EPA 249.1 SW846 7520 Potassium Total
EPA 258.1 SW846 7610 Silver Total
EPA 272.1 272.2SW846 7760A 7761
Selenium Total EPA 270.2 SW846 7740
Sodium Total EPA 273.1 SW846 7770
Thallium Total EPA 271.2 SW846 7840 7841
Zinc Total EPA 289.1 SW846 7950

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