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We combine multiple disciplines in environmental and geotechnical investigations to generate an integrated Site Characterization (aka Phase 2 Environmental Assessment). Site Characterization is the technical foundation for all remedial projects and it follows that project planning, budgeting, and scheduling are most reliable when based on accurate Phase II Environmental Assessments.  

Tools used for Site Characterization range in cost from trained observation and background investigation to geophysical reconnaissance and finally more expensive intrusive sampling and laboratory expense.  It follows that meaningful cost savings will be achieved when trained observation and geophysical reconnaissance set an investigation in the right direction from the start.  Added cost savings are achievable when our in-house laboratory quickly responds to changing field requirements as investigation proceeds.  AA&E has the expertise and in-house resources to capture all of these technical and cost savings opportunities.

AA&E serves industry, the banking community, land developers, contractors, public utilities, and individuals.  The small size of our company, combined with the synergy provided by AA&E’s geologic, hydrogeologic, geophysical, and laboratory expertise provides our clients with well managed, value-added and comprehensive Phase II environmental assessment and remediation services.

We hope that with getting you to know American Analytical & Environmental better, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the exceptional work ethic that makes our team truly unique.

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Your need for integrity, service, and quality work is respected at American Analytical & Environmental, Inc. Our staff is fully committed to providing the best service possible, resolving conflicts, and maintaining the reputation of being innovative, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Douglas Sammak - AA&E