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Land development affects the natural balance of stormwater runoff and groundwater recharge.  Recent trends in land development regulations have emphasized these concerns by post-development runoff constraints enforced by NPDES permit requirements.  These constraints require hydrogeologic knowledge not required in the past; this knowledge is gained by an investigative process known as Site Characterization.  Based on this process, AA&E can design a stormwater infiltration system based on the conditions that exist on your property.

“Cookie cutter” approaches to stormwater infiltration systems can be effective, but when you have a problem a higher level of sophistication is required.  AA&E can respond to the range of development needs with innovative solutions that meet regulatory objectives.

As an example, AA&E provided the evidence that allowed placement of a detention basin in a closed depression, in conflict with local regulations. Contrary to the generalized regulatory assumption that a closed depression was indicative of an underlying sinkhole, we were able to show through geophysical methods that the closed depression on this property was due to differential compaction of an approximate 150’ thick soil mantel, proof that is well beyond the economics of test pits or borings.  The regulatory authorities received the site-specific information they needed while our client received approval for his preferred Site design.  Groundwater recharge was maintained without the risk of sinkhole and environmental impact.

AA&E has the full range of capabilities that you need for the design and placement of Stormwater infiltration structures for retention and recharge purposes. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Stormwater Infiltration System & Groundwater Recharge

  • Geophysical profiling to evaluate basin placement during site design
  • Soil investigation and recharge evaluation
  • Infiltration testing and analysis
  • Percolation testing and identification of limiting zones
  • Detailed calculations and water budget analysis

stormwater infiltration system

Resistivity profiling showing rock profile and sinkholes at a site

Conducting infiltration measurements
Conducting infiltration measurements


Test pit program for infiltration planning
Test pit program for infiltration planning


infiltration planning
Basin design considering varying soil characteristics


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