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In August of 2011, a sinkhole opened on my property. After contacting my homeowner's insurance company, a referral was made to Douglas Sammak at American Analytical and Environmental, Inc. I was pleasantly surprised at the scope of knowledge and thorough investigative work done by this company. What originally was thought to be a minor incident, soon turned out to be much more problematic. Throughout the diagnosis and restoration phases of this project, AAE remained professional and concerned about preserving my property. They were kind and considerate and kept me well informed of their progress. I would highly recommend this company to anyone experiencing the type of problem I had.

~ Sincerely, TW ~

I am a neighbor on Wheaton Drive, where your company was involved in the repair of a sinkhole. I just want to thank you for the timely repair of the sidewalk which was damaged by your equipment when you had to access the right-of-way which runs behind our house. I know you said you would take care of it, and your quick response was much appreciated.

~ Sincerely, BK ~

You completed a Phase I report for one of our clients, and we were favorably impressed. It has been difficult finding a company that can provide a reliable and thorough environmental site investigation. We look forward to using your firm again.

~ BCHA ~

This is the most organized drum cleanup I have ever seen. You have inventoried and characterized every one of the 520 drums that were abandoned on the site.

~ PA DEP ~

Thank you for approaching the project in a step by step manner, and saving me $10,000 by using test borings and monitoring wells to assess my site instead of digging up the old tanks.

~ RD ~

After talking to so many environmental consultants, I was delighted to work with a firm that evaluated my property listing in such a straight forward and understandable manner. Your willingness to listen and work with two difficult clients was a real benefit to me.

~ FRE ~

I like using your laboratory because of your reports. The information is easy to find, and where you expect it to be – I hate to page back and forth through eight sheets of paper to determine the results, method detection limits, date of analysis, etc. that are needed on the PA DEP reporting forms.

~ JT ~

I consider your data more reliable; the sampling method used by the other laboratory was questionable. Would you please arrange to meet with the other lab to resample, and show them your sampling technique so future results will be more likely to agree?


We appreciate your flexibility and reasonable pricing - it helps us compete.

~ CP~

I was glad I referred you for the Phase I environmental assessment. You finished the task within the rushed timeline, even though the project required coordination with two subcontractors, and Phase II work. Your in-house laboratory was key to completing the necessary sampling and analytical work efficiently and quickly. My client was impressed with your report and its practical conclusions/recommendations that placed the identified regulatory concerns in the proper perspective, while protecting his future interests.

~ JD~