Strict confidentiality is maintained in all of our dealings with clients. Confidentiality agreements, therefore, are signed willingly. In any instance where information is subpoenaed by and must be released to a regulatory agency or legal body, the client is promptly notified. Likewise, the client agrees to respect all such relationships of trust. Client agrees that it will not use AA&Es name and/or data in any manner which might cause harm to the companyÕs reputation and/or business.

Tests Results

Tests results relate only to the sample tested. Clients should be aware that a critical step in a chemical or microbiological analysis is the collection of the sample. Unless the sample analyzed is truly representative of the bulk of material involved, the test results will be meaningless. If you have questions regarding the proper technique of collecting samples, please contact us. We cannot be held responsible for sample integrity, however, unless sampling has been performed by a member of our staff.

Sample Containers & Sampling Instructions

Sample containers with the proper preservative and specific instructions for the collection of samples are provided by AA&E upon request at no extra cost. Sampling kits consisting of coolers, containers, preservatives and mailing labels can be prepared specifically for your sampling needs. Call for a quotation.

A nominal fee will be charged for sample containers or coolers that are returned to the client.

When a client takes charge of sampling and sample identification, our responsibility for the chain of custody begins upon receipt by our authorized representative.

Sample Submission and Documentation

Written analytical instructions on chain of custody forms or company letterhead must accompany all samples. The following information must be included:

  • Full analysis description
  • Sample matrix, volume and preservation
  • Date of collection
  • Date results are needed
  • Reporting deliverables required
  • Current billing address, contact person, telephone number, and purchase order number
  • The client must advise AA&Es of any samples containing hazardous or toxic substances.

All sample containers, shipping containers and chain of custody forms must be marked accordingly

Hazardous Wastes

Unused portions of samples found or suspected to be hazardous according to state or federal guidelines may be returned to the client upon completion of the analytical work. These include samples known or suspected to contain hazardous materials as defined by state or federal regulatory agencies. The cost of returning the sample may be invoiced to the client. The sample and portions thereof remain the property of the client at all times.

Priority Analysis

It is our policy is to work with our clients to meet deadlines at no additional charge unless current workloads in the laboratory require significant overtime to do so. Priority turnarounds and large quantity shipments should be scheduled in advance with the laboratory. AA&E has a normal turn around time of ten working days, with a 35% surcharge for Rush (48 hour) analysis.

Report Formats

Unless a specific report format is requested, the standard laboratory procedure is to report results to the limit of quantification (LOQ). In may cases, it is possible to estimate to value below the LOQ, if lower values are needed. Estimates are made to the statistically-calculated method detection limit (MDL) or a value exceeding the MDL in cases where the calculated MDL cannot be practically achieved. Values reported below the established LOQ are flagged with a ÒJÓ to indicate that the value is estimated.

Special Reports

Additional fees may be charged for supporting documentation and/or consultation services. Please allow sufficient time for compilation of the supporting data. Charges may also be necessary for customized reports which differ significantly from the Phase II Laboratory format, such as NJDEP Reduced Deliverables or EPA CLP reports. Please ask for a quotation. (NOTE: Absolutely no reports or copies thereof will be sent to anyone other than the client unless the client formally requests us to do so in writing.)

Retention of Samples

After the analytical results have been reported, samples are routinely retained in our storage facilities according to the following schedule. Prior arrangements must be made if samples are to be held for periods longer than those indicated.

Sample Type Retention Time
Wastewater, Sludge 7 Days
All Other Samples 14 Days

NOTE: Water tested for potability or perishables are discarded immediately after the analysis

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

Our QA/QC programs meet the strict requirements established by the EPA and state agencies. We regularly analyze proficiency and check samples submitted by outside organizations, and our in-house QC programs include analysis of blank, spike, duplicate, reference and blind samples. Polices for laboratory organization, apparatus, reagents and services, procedures, quality control, data handling and reporting, and laboratory safety are carefully detailed.
All analyses are performed using standard QA/QC protocols (i.e., the inclusion of blanks, standards, controls, and spiked samples in every batch). Additional QC samples that might be requested and that we consider Òproject specificÓ are billed at the applicable unit price for the test(s). Such additional charges will apply to project -specific QA/QC samples for batches with fewer than 20 samples and to field and trip QA/QC samples. Quotations for work requiring project -specific QA/QC analysis should be requested in advance.

Sample Cancellation Charge

If you need to cancel the analysis of a sample after it has been submitted, please contact us as soon as possible. Depending upon the status of the sample at the time we receive your instructions, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

Warranty and Liability Limits

AA&E warrants that work will be performed in accordance with sound laboratory protocol and high professional standards. We cannot, however, accept responsibility for consequences arising from interpretation or uses of the information provided as a result of our analysis; nor for delays in delivery of information beyond our control. In the event of any error on our part, in performing or reporting the results, our sole responsibility will be to redo the deficient work at our expense.


Your need for integrity, service, and quality work is respected at American Analytical & Environmental, Inc. Our staff is fully committed to providing the best service possible, resolving conflicts, and maintaining the reputation of being innovative, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Douglas Sammak - AA&E